About Us

Pakistan Pharmacist Association (PPA) is the sole representative body of Pharmacists working in Pakistan/AJK/GB and is duly registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. The PPA represents around 55,000 registered Pharmacists of the region who are contributing significantly in various domains of the healthcare system including inter alia, Drug Research, Drug Manufacturing, Drugs Supply Chain, Clinical Pharmacy, Community Pharmacy, Marketing, Academia, Drug Regulation and Hospital Pharmacy.

Pharmacists are the third largest healthcare workforce across the globe and any healthcare system is not expected to achieve the desired results without inclusion of Pharmacists and according them due role in that system.

As per Memorandum of Association (MoA) of PPA, the association has a cabinet at Centre level with provincial branches as under;

  1. PPA, Punjab Branch;
  2. PPA, KPK Branch;
  • PPA, Sindh Branch;
  1. PPA, Baluchistan Branch;
  2. PPA, Islamabad, AJK & GB Branch;

Aims & Objectives:

The association has been created and registered with the following major aims & objectives:

  1. To promote Pharmacy & allied services;
  2. To maintain honor and dignity of pharmacy profession and to protect the rights, interests and privileges of the members of the association;
  • To extend professional and expert advice to the government related to the Pharmacy profession;
  1. To develop liaison with the international organizations holding similar aims and objectives;
  2. To provide career counselling to the members of Pharmacy profession;
  3. To help the families of the deceased, disabled and ailing members of the association;
  • To facilitate in combating the illegal practice of Pharmacy in the country
  • To facilitate the government agencies in production and sale of quality assured drugs;
  1. To promote the patient safety and patient interests in the country.

PPA Centre has its head office at Johar Town, Lahore with the provincial offices to be established/set up by the respective provincial branches.

Elections of the PPA Centre, Punjab and Baluchistan Branches were held on March 17, 2023 and newly elected cabinets alongwith Islamabad, AJK & GB cabinet have sworn in on March 25, 2023 for a period of two years.

Elections for Sindh and KPK branches are due and shall be held at earliest.

Governing Structure:

A:      Executive Committee:

The executive committee of PPA Centre will be governing body and shall consist of the following:


(b) FIVE VICE PRESIDENTS (One each from each province and Islamabad).





(g) NINE OTHER ELECTED EXECUTIVE MEMBERS including two each from every province and one from Islamabad.

(h) FIVE LADY REPRESENTATIVES one each from each province and Islamabad.

(i) Immediate past President and General Secretary will be the members of the Executive Committee. (j) Immediate past President will act as Sr. Vice President.

All Provincial Branches shall have similar composition for their cabinets.

B:      PPA Council:

The council will be the Supreme Body of the Association. In addition to the above Executive Committee, the President and General Secretaries of all Provincial branches and Islamabad branch shall be ex-office members of the Council for the purpose of attendance in the meeting of the Council.