Pakistan Pharmacists Association  

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Health Facts

Hospitals 965
Dispensaries 4,916
Basic Health Units 4,872
MCH Centers 1,138
TB Centers 371
First Aid Points: 1,080

Drugs Facts

Human Local Drugs 10807
Human Imported Drugs 655
Veterinary Drugs 1122

Health Days

Pharmacists Day 25thSep
TB Day 24thMar

Pakistan Pharmacists Association  NEWS

International Short Film an Photography Festival on medicines

The laboratory of Innovative Practices in polypharmacy and heath, (@polimedlabs) a non profit
organization who aims to improve, innovate and manage knowledge on issues such as polypharmacy, inappropriate use of medication, chronicity and Universal
Access to health; we are organizing the 2nd International Short film & photography festival, this year about the following issues:

Patient Safety with the use of medicines
Medicalization of Life
Inequalities in Health

We have 3500â in awards, you can download the festival rules in english at: